The historical Palazzo is located 30km west of Chania, in the village of Vasilopoulo Kolymvari in Chania, Crete. The following map illustrates our exact location. The Municipal Unit of Kolymbari includes the communities of Afrata, Vasilopoulou, Vouvon, Glossas, Delianon, Drakonas, Episkopis, Zymvragou, Kamisianon, Kalidonias, Kolymbariou, Nochion, Ravdouchas, Panethimou and Spilias. The basic characteristic of the municipal unit is the combination of vegetation and sea. In many of its villages nature is unspoilt and beautiful while many of the communities near the sea are the best places to enjoy your swim and taste the local delicacies. Another characteristic of the municipality are the many churches located there like that of Agios Stefanos in Drakona and Agios Konstantinos in Nochia. In Kolymbari it is worth to visit the holy monastery Gonias, in Rodopou the monastery of Agios Ioannis Gionas and the Venetian estate, in Episkopi the Rotonta, in Vouves the ancient olive tree and in Afratam Ellinospilios.